Wildflower Identification – 2013

c. 2013
edition of 9
3.8 x 2.25 x1



Wildflower Identification is a limited edition book work created from original texts, photographs and plant material from Ruth WheelerÕs archive. Envelopes created by using Hedi Kyle’s Blizzard book binding style hold 2.5 x 3 inch cards, photographs or laminated specimens. The cards are hand-written notes for activities designed to teach small groups about flowers and their identification. The photographs, taken in 1948 by Ruth Wheeler, are of young women participating in these activities. Also included in each copy is a selection from Reed’s book. The selection and specimens vary from copy to copy, making this a variable edition.

Text is from the handwritten notes of Ruth Wheeler. Photographs scanned from 1948 originals taken by Ruth Wheeler. Color reproductions from Flower Guide published in 1916 by Chester A. Reed.

Batik paper, photographs, Arches text wove and 10 pt bristol with surface applied pigment and laserprinting, metal foil, laminated seed and flower specimens, Nepalese Lokta paper, vegetable tanned goat. Box is book board, paperbacked book cloth, paper, paper and foil label