About this piece:

This panel book consists of 8 rigid panels sewn together at what would otherwise be the fold joints of a meander book (sometimes referred to as a snake book). Original etchings are sandwiched between layers of mica, each panel then drilled and sewn to the adjacent panel with blue silk threads, which are left long.

Text is from Sam Hamill’s poem Mountains and Rivers Without End 

After making love, we are like
rivers come down from mountain summits.

We are still, we are moving,
calm in the depths of danger-

two rivers entering the sea
slowly, as if nothing matters:

quietly, but with great power
merging in deepening waters.


oil based ink, papers, mica, silk thread, PMA, metal foil

Two Rivers – 2009 – SOLD

© 2009
edition of1
dimensions in inches: 5.75 x 3.25 x 1