Transformation – 2001

$ 110.00

c. 2001

edition of 26

1.5 x 2 x 2


Adria Klinger’s poem Transformation accompanies beautifully sensual watercolor paintings by Alicia Bailey in a pairing of words and images that is both evocative and explicit.

The phoenix is rising: I see her wings open before me like a vast awning of light I see her feathered petals begin their ceremony like tulips opening each of their cups curved upon curve like the feathers of the great bird as if tulips could fly. the great bird bloomed. I feel the curves of your fingers, the ten smooth petals of your hands as you cup me in front of you, your lifting chest curved into the curve of my backbone, your feathered groin brushing my two pillowed rump, your arms a circle. Your fingers circle like small fledglings settle at the edge of the purple nested flower with its entrance of folds the multi curved, overlapping, variegated transition ., . . Flesh risen, warm blood, our bodies and the bird suspended

Third in the miniature pillow book series. color copy from watercolor paintings. Cover is laserprint on pastepaper over boards. Binding is board book style with exposed spine. Box is carved/painted horn & brass from India.