About this piece:
Tile Paintings is from Series I of the Victoria and Albert Colour Books. Four shaped holes have been cut through the cover and all of the pages; in the recesses rest four ceramic, painted tile shards. The shards are protected when the book is closed with mica laminated in between the first end page and first few pages of the text block. Several of the individual pages have been laminated together, resulting in four double-page spreads. Hundreds of paper cut outs in various shapes and sizes, picturing the same tile painting patterns depicted in the book, are collaged onto the individual pages, obliterating the text. Handpainted gouache and acrylic inks fill the areas between the collaged shapes. Held closed with a magnetic closure; housed in a custom single-tray, drop-spine box with recessed cover and spine labels.

book, ceramic, mica, color toner prints, metal leaf, ribbon, steel magnet, gouache, acrylic ink, book board, book cloth, PVA

Tile Paintings – 2016

$ 700.00

© 2016
edition of one
dimensions in inches: 8.5 x 5.5 x .5 (closed)