Tell Me Now – 2016 – SOLD


About this piece:

I created this piece while exploring ways of guiding others to effectively meet challenges of presenting objects, images and text in one work. For Tell Me Now I began with an object, in this case a rock I found in an Arizona river bed during a winter camping trip. Using the memories that surfaced as I contemplated and handled the rock, along with a series of writing and format exercises I’ve developed for content development, I wrote and refined the text, imaged the pages as prompted by the text, then scribed the text on both sides of the accordion book.

Full text:

Eyes closed we exchange descriptions of red white hot patterns dancying behind our lids. Unwilling to continue the immersion we head off to warmer climes. The yearning grows, becomes a presence tangible and lumpy between us. Now, years later I still wait for what I need from you. Tell me now I’m listening.


paper, acrylic, ink, 23K gold leaf, palladium leaf, wax, book board, wood, museum board, book cloth, mineral specimen, waxed cord