This book pairs an extract from Rilke’s poem Sunset “One moment your life is a stone in you, and the next a star” with a visual presentation of seven phases of transmutation and transformation (the Magnum Opus) as practiced by alchemists beginning in 400 BC. Eight transparent acrylic panels are laser etched with applied silver leaf. Bound accordion style and presented in a custom box with double layer cast acrylic lid. Accompanied by a case-bound pamphlet stitch booklet that includes the text of The Emerald Tablet, a brief history of alchemy as a science, a philosophy and a theology and discussion of the seven processes depicted in the acrylic panels.

Laseretched cast acrylic, silver and aluminum leaf, PMA, gold core monofilament, book board, bookcloth (some handprinted with silver ink from plexiglass plate), Envirotex text weight paper, laserprinting with surface applied methylcellulose and pigment, black 100% rag HMP from Interocean Curiosity Studio (Ray Tomasso), steel, magnets.

Stone to Star – 2014

$ 900.00

9.25 x 3.8 x 1.8 closed

© 2014
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