Shedding explores collection and presentation of specimans alongside journal type entries relating to the specimens.Each day for 21 days I rescued something my body was shedding. I scanned those things (specimans) at a magnification of 500%, printed them via inkjet and placed behind window cutouts, as in a photo album. The cover of each book holds one of the specimens, sandwiched in between glass.

The text is laser etched into the album pages, the pages bound stiff leaf style with a leather spine. Mylar with text protects the inkjet prints

laser etched arches cream rag mounted laminated to unryu, laserpint on mular, inkjet, laseretched deerhide, museum board, archival corrugated board, japanese tissue, with goatskin leather spine etched into deerhide over boards. Inset into the cover is a glass mounted slide with one of the 21 specimens sandwiched in between the glass.

Shedding – 2010

$ 540.00

c. 2010
edition of 21
4.2 5x 5 x 1.25