In this workshop, students will be introduced to creative and innovative book structures using that most wondrous of humble materials, paper. Inspired by innovators in the book arts field such as Claire van Vliet and Hedi Kyle, the focus will be on form and structure rather than content. Each student will produce a collection of sample books that can be used as reference and inspiration for further projects. Some of the structures we will explore include the Blizzard Book, Flat Reverse Hinge, and variations on an accordion fold.

Suitable for adults (16+) Materials and tools provided by instructor.

NOTE: Advance registration required. Registration is through Form and Concept Gallery. The workshop hours are 10am-4pm on July 13

This workshop will be held at Form and Concept Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Folded Book Forms – July 13

Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 13, 2019