About this piece:

Constellation is a two layer accordion presenting a text by Cole Swensen on the back panel, and a translation of selections of text in Braille on the front panel. The Braille was made with holes punched through the front layer of paper (rather than the typical bumps of Braille), which is black rag paper made by Ray Tomasso at Interocean Curiosity Studio. The introduction and colophon are laser foil over laser toner in black Bible paper tipped onto the covers. Covers are book board covered with the same HMP as the inside, with a Braille pattern of enamel paint sprayed through a stencil. Twelve panels plus 2 paste downs. Title label is tipped into recessed are on front cover, as is a graphic presentation of the constellation Taurus.


paper, enamel paint, laser foil, laser toner, book board


Constellation – 2009 – SOLD

© 2009
edition of 1
dimensions in inches:5.25 x 7.25 x .8