About this piece:

This series presents selections of both the Spanish and English translations from one of my favorite collections of poems by Pablo Neruda. Neruda’s The Book of Questions was completed only months before his death in 1973. The collection is a series of brief poems composed entirely of unanswerable questions; a culmination of Neruda’s lifelong commitment to revealing inner structures of thought and feeling that underlie all experience. For the series I relied on William O’Daly’s translation, published by Copper Canyon Press in 1991.

This volume presents the selection numbered XLV.

I’d been experimenting with various combinations of imagery and presentation for these texts since 2010. A week spent with Karen Kunc at Constellation Studios in 2014 followed by several weeks in the studio resulted in the right combination of print method and presentation for this ongoing series. Images are woodblock and pochoir printed from several plates. Text is laser etched on a paper ‘sandwich’ made of an inner core of Moriki Japanese HMP, faced on each side with cotton text weight paper. The etching exposes a hint of the color of the Moriki core and is variable within the edition. Paste downs are book cloth handprinted from wood blocks. Bound as a pamphlet in a German case binding. Spine is printed leather skiver.

Single-signature case binding. Each volume consists of a 3 folio text block; the first folio acts as decorative endpage, handprinted on translucent paper, the second holds the the text, the third is a gatefold print on transluent HMP paper.


papers, litho ink, pigments, relief printed book cloth, relief printed goatskin skiver



Book of Questions Volume 4 – 2015 – last copy

$ 300.00


© 2015
edition of 5 v.e.
dimensions in inches: 7.75 x 4.25 x .4