This book compares the physiological workings of the heart (day and night, night and day, a pair of pumps works steadily inside our bodies) with Aubri Aleka Keleman’s poem Suggestions for Improving the Heart and Its Workings. The trouble comes in its shape, its obvious desire to split in two.

Each page of this book is handpainted with ink on sumi paper over laserprinted text. Millimeter style binding with red leather spine, cover papers hand-marbled papers (Pamela Smith), Buhgra endpapers in wrapper with book cloth and Smith marbled paper, Gocco gold printed on wrapper cover.4.75 x 10.75

process materials held by University of Denver, Penrose Library Special Collections

Ab – 2000

$ 400.00

c. 2000
edition of 12
4.67 x 3.12 x .5