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Picture Book

I find it difficult to make books without words, although I appreciate both impulse and outcome in the work of others and in my own mind. I suspect I rely too much on words to impose structure and to obscure any lack of stand-alone brilliance my images may have. So, for this book I use no words other than the handwritten text on the re-purposed drafting mylar used in the book.
With only a few hours for this project, I decided to use pages already imaged from a previous project. I cut up a sheet of drafting mylar that I’d intended painted and intended to use in an earlier book. Below are some drawings I’d done while working on my Jouissance series years ago.
I enjoyed making this picture book. Without having to be concerned with issues of text (selection/editing/layout) I was able to enjoy other aspects. With ordering a different issue than it is with text, I opted for a page format that allows the images to be re-arranged.


The images are place in translucent sleeves, easily removed but held in place by friction. Holes punched in the mylar, with foil shapes behind provide a guide for the ordering and placement I decided on.
The book spine a concertina of tinted tyvek. The mylar sleeves are sandwiched between tow the the pleats with a spacer pleat in between. The tyvek extends beyond the spine and is used to attach the covers. <img src=”” alt=”IMG_1116″
When working with tyvek I to use double stick tape or PMA if I can as tyvek isn’t absorbent enough for most liquid adhesives. Heat activated adhesives will melt the tyvek. The covers of this book feature hand-marbled paper from Pamela Smith. The front cover has a recessed circular label with an image from the Jouissance series.

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