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Boston – Sept 19, 1901, October 15, 1901

This book was recently purchased by the Boston Atheneauma membership library thatfirst opened its doors in 1807. I am well pleased by this placement, facilitated by Vamp and Tramp Booksellers, who carry other unique and limited edition works of mine.

The book was created from glass plate negatives made by my great-great-grandfather George Carpenter Wheeler in 1901. The negatives ere made between September 19 and October 15 of that year and are of public areas in the Boston area. 9_19 & 10_5 -1901 bookc.jpgI scanned both the negatives and the disintegrating envelopes they were stored in, and printed them via both ink & laserjet. The negatives and prints from the scans are bound wire-edge style.
Comes in custom box of wood, bookcloth & book board. glass plate negatives, inkjet prints, brass, book cloth, paper, book board, in custom box9_19 & 10_5 -1901 booka.jpg

I have more of these negatives and plan to create a similar book from them. I will photograph, post and describe the steps taken during the construction of the second book. But for now, I have only photos of the finished work to show you here.

9_19-&-10_5-1901-booke.jpg9_19 & 10_5 -1901 bookb.jpg

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