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Blue – the first book a week

You cannot read about it in anatomy
Or physiology text books. It’s indescribably
Blue, this discus lodged inside my left chest, just beneath
The surface, just above my breast. It reminds me
Of indistinct images of glowing spaceships.
And the blue? Well, it’s electric. The closest I can get
Is to that vile artificial color in ice creams;
There’s nothing like it in nature, except perhaps
Morning gories. It’s fuzzy round the edges, the way
Street lamps are when myopics take off their glasses,
And although it’s pulsating gently, it doesn’t
Move. I don’t think it’s dangerous, or a threat,
In fact it’s quite comforting, despite the slight constriction,
The caught breath. I really couldn’t tell you.

This small book is made from 2 sheets of hand-made paper, using one of my favorite bindings, the stiff leaf binding. The stiff-leaf works well when only one side of the paper is imaged.

Blue began when I pulled some Abaca sheets during a PBI workshop at Arrowmont in May 2008. The sheets had a black base, inclusions of mica washers and some discarded paint sketches by my friend and collaborative partner Heidi Zednik. I left the sheets with Heidi to work on, she sent them to me last month, about the same time that I ran across a poem by Anna Blonstein called Is This a Manifestation Of?, published in Primavera, vol 14/15, 1991.

June 28 - Blue

The paper doesn’t have a strong grain but did have inclusions I needed to work around. I opted to cut and fold the paper with as little waste as possible; the result is a book of 12 pages, plus 2 endsheets.

June 28 - Blue

The end sheets are tucked behind the paste downs, which are thin boards covered with yellow moriki paper. The whole book is cased in using a split-board technique. The tab that is inserted into the split is actually from a sheet of hand-painted tyvek that is sandwiched in between the first and last two pages of the text block. A bit confusing to explain but the pictures may clarify.

June 28 - Blue

June 28 - Blue

June 28 - Blue

Except for adding the text (via lasertransfer) I didn’t alter the pages further. The covers are leather covered book board. The front cover has a circle cut out and inset into that circle is a beautiful, iridescent butterfly wing sandwiched in between two layers of mica. The book measures 3.5×3.25x.5 closed.

BAW Blue  inside detail 1

BAW Blue  inside detail  2

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